The current property market is a goldmine if you have the finances to hand, with so many properties coming up for auction, there are some fantastic investments available.
There are those of you who would love to invest but don't have the time needed to dedicate to such a project as property renovation, thats where we can help.
We can deploy a team to help with the design, costing and then to carry out all of the work to the highest possible standard.
This is the way to gain a property, or even a portfolio of properties with the minimum of hassle.
We can connect you with our surveyors and architects should your plans be more than a simple referb.
So why wait, contact us now. The market won't stay this way forever!

"I recently inherited a property in East London. The people living in it were not paying rent so I went through the correct legal channels and had them evicted, unfortunately not before they devastated the property from top-to-bottom. From my first conversation with the guys at Hunt Interiors my mind was at ease, they really lifted a heavy weight from my shoulders. Their work is truly to the highest standard. The house is now in perfect condition and earning top money on the rental market. I have no reservations about recommending Hunt Interiors for all your renovation needs, it seems that nothing is beyond their teams capabilities. Cheers Richard and team, it was a real pleasure."
J D - East London